I wanted to try Loki in fur as well and that’s the whole story.

I think Thor knows that he’s the last straw. If he abandons Loki, there’s no more hope for this idiot.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

After all these kid!Thor pics I felt like doing one with kid!Loki. Imagine Loki getting killed in Thor: The Dark World and being reborn as a child. ♥ Thor would try to love him even more and do anything to keep him satisfied just to avoid Loki becoming the same asshole again. :’D

I was wondering how Loki would look like if he was an elf.

No one cares, Loki. It’s all your fault.

I don’t know what, why and how. I just felt like drawing kid!Thor and big brother Loki again. And I wanted to see Loki acting brotherly.